Who Am I

I am a child of the King. A child called and chosen to be apart the greater family of God. A child born of God and not man. A child who has seen heartache and troubles but also seen love and great joy. A child predestined for great works. A child who is wonderfully and … Continue reading Who Am I

Music Genres

Hey guys, Welcome back! Hope you guys had a great weekend! Today I just wanted talk a bit about the different styles of music and how to ¬†differentiate them, because sometimes I find I get confused with all the different genres. So here are a few of my favourite genres that are commonly used and … Continue reading Music Genres

My Favourite Music Quotes

Hey guys! Hope y'all having a great and fantastic week!!!!ūüėä Today I would love to share with you guys some of m favourite quotes that motivate, inspire and encourage me to furnace my passion for music everyday               ¬†         Thanks guys for reading my post … Continue reading My Favourite Music Quotes


OMG!!, I was¬†nominated for THE LOVELY BLOG AWARD!! ¬† I am very ¬†happy and excited because for me this week I was starting to question and wonder whether people were still interested and liking my blog posts. In light of this I would like to give a huge and massive thank you to Lisa Ralph¬† … Continue reading LOVELY BLOG AWARD

True Motherhood

Hey all you mothers out there, Happy Mother's Day!!! "Today I want to take a moment to say thank you to my mother ( and aunties) for always being there for me, being the ones that know exactly what I am feeling or thinking and being there to teach, comfort and guide through my journey … Continue reading True Motherhood

Song Challenge #5

Hey guys, It's the last day of my song challenge so here's my final song. Hope you all like it! Lover Of My Soul Kari Jobe King of glory come I surrender all Hear my simple song I love You Lord, I love You Lord King of Heaven come Let Your presence fall You're safe … Continue reading Song Challenge #5

Song Challenge #4

Hey guys, It's day four of my song challenge so here's today's song! I absolutely love this these guys because their songs always have a strong message and their music I find  is a glimpse in their personal life, especially this one so please go check it out but also listen to their other stuff!!! … Continue reading Song Challenge #4

Song Challenge #3

Hey guys its day three of the song challenge so here is today's song! Without You King and Country This is link for the song please watch the whole thing it's amazing and heart touching. What do you do when you don't get better Strong arms get too, get too weak to hold her Oh god, give … Continue reading Song Challenge #3

Song Challenge #2

Hey guys it's day two of my song challenge so here is today's song: COME AS YOU ARE- David Crowder Come out of sadness From wherever you've been Come broken hearted Let rescue begin Come find your mercy Oh sinner come kneel Earth has no sorrow That heaven can't heal Earth has no sorrow That … Continue reading Song Challenge #2

 Song Challenge #1

Hey guys today is day one of the Song challenge so here you go! I AM YOURS I see Your fingerprints The work of Your hands It's all in Your hands I see the evidence Leaving nothing to chance The world's in Your hands So I rest in Your promises Now I am sure of … Continue reading ¬†Song Challenge¬†#1