Music Spotlight 

Hey guys I am sorry that my post this week is a bit late but things just got busy and hectic. Last week  I  saw this music challenge a couple of days ago where you  pick an artist and talk about them. I will be doing this as a monthly thing , picking my favourite artists and … Continue reading Music Spotlight 

Who Am I

I am a child of the King. A child called and chosen to be apart the greater family of God. A child born of God and not man. A child who has seen heartache and troubles but also seen love and great joy. A child predestined for great works. A child who is wonderfully and … Continue reading Who Am I

Poem Of The Heart

You feel the struggles You want another life thinking it will give you more happiness and joy But it was never promised to be easy True happiness and joy only comes from knowing who your Heavenly Father is He promised that he would no matter what you went through he would be there with you each step of the … Continue reading Poem Of The Heart