About Me

Hey Guys,

My name is Joyce Tanmuoh. I am a 19 year girl who is currently working full at a family owned Cafe making coffee and food. I enjoy my job very much because I get to daily work and hang out with my family and friends doing what I can now while waiting for doors to open up for me to someday pursue my dream and passion in the Music Industry.

I created this blog to share with you my passion for music, Songwriting and also all my random interests that I have such as Beauty tips, Fashion, Lifestyle or just the  inspirations that have helped me along the way. The reason for this blog is just to share with you guys my journey on the path of learning and understanding music but also just a diary for myself to be able to look at later in life and see how much I have learnt and achieved along the years.

Music has always been a huge passion of mine and growing up in a family that was musically involved allowed me to really explore and learn music.  My biggest passion and desire is to someday is to become a recording artist. In view of this, last year I had singing lessons with my best friend at the private music tutoring class called Forte and at the end of the year we did a singing performance with all the other student at the Dome.( They have amazing teachers if anyone ever wanted to have lessons). It was the best experience ever that I would definitely be doing it again!!!

Thanks so much for taking the time to come checkout my mim spill about myself  and I truely hope you guys will love what I have to say on this journey and find encouragement for those days where we all just want to give up.

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Joyce 🙂