This OR That?

Hey everyone hope you are  all having a great a year so far. I literally can’t believe that we are already in July. This year is going by so quickly!

Today I really want  together to  know you guys a bit more and change things up a bit. Make it more fun. I have come up with a bunch of This or That questions for you guys to pick at least one and tell  me which you would prefer just in  the comments section below.

Here we go :

  • Pancakes or waffles
  • Tea or Coffee
  • Summer or Winter
  • Theatre or Cinemas
  • Ebook or Hard Cover
  • Fiction or Non-fiction Books
  • Singing or Dancing
  • Tv shows or Movies
  • Puzzles or Board games
  • Superman or Batman
  • Beaches or Pools
  • Heels or Flats
  • Boots or Sneakers
  • Poetry or Poems
  • Comedy or Drama
  • Camping or Holiday homes
  • Planes or Ships
  • Natural or Dyed Hair
  • Facial or Clean Shaven
  • Art Festivals or Music Festivals
  • Picture or Painting
  • Antique or Brand New
  • Mansion or Cabin in the woods
  • City or Country
  • Roller Blades or Skates
  • Roses or Lillies
  • Silver or Gold
  • Sci-fy or Fantasy
  • Jazz or Rock
  • Ferris Wheel or Roller Coaster
  • Drums or Guitar

Well, thats all that I could think of on the top of my head but I am sure that are many more so feel free to let me know your ones in the comment section below.

Thanks guys and I can’t wait for your answers to start rolling in !!!!!!!


33 thoughts on “This OR That?

  1. usathroughoureyes says:

    Wow this is a great list and one that it awfully difficult to make a choice on. We really have to say that between the ones you give us either one is appealing. I know that must sound funny but life has these choices each day and our choice is always to make do with what lies before us.


  2. Claire Rachel says:

    So, I would have to say for me (just a few) it would be Theater, flats, roses and board games, and PLEASE don’t make me decide between singing and dancing; I am better at singing and I do it way more often, but I L O V E dancing!!!!!! ❤

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  3. dynaxty says:

    These are my pick:
    Pancakes, tea, summer, cinema, hardcover, fiction, dancing, tv shows, board games, holiday homes, planes, beaches, comedy, poems, Superman, natural hair, clean shaven, music festivals, picture, brand new, mansion, city, skate, Lillies, gold, sci-fi, jazz, guitar, ferris wheel.
    Thanks and God bless. #peace

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  4. photographer1234 says:

    This is going to be quite a long comment; be prepared! 🙂

    Hard Cover
    Board Games
    Pools (I have a fear of the ocean :P)
    Holiday Homes (never been camping!)
    Music Festivals
    Pictures (Hence my blog :))
    Roller Coasters!!!

    That was fun. Thanks for posting this!

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  5. Faith says:

    Here’a few I picked: E-book or hard cover, Hardcover. Fiction or Non-Fiction, Fiction. City or Country, Country. Roller blades or Skates, Skates. Comedy or Drama, Comedy.
    That was fun. Thanks!!

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  6. Eva@L.E.EBakers says:

    Oooh! That’s so cool! Here are some of the ones I picked out:
    Pancakes or waffles: waffles, especially with chocolate chips 😋
    TV shows or movies: movies! With popcorn!
    Puzzles or board games: Board games!
    Beaches or pools: definetly pools! I don’t like the beach.
    Mansion or cabin: cabin! I’ve always wanted to live in the woods!
    Roses or lillies: lillies!
    So fun! Thanks for posting it!

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  7. amindfultravellerblog says:

    Hey Joyce
    here are my answers
    pancakes, coffee, summer, theatre, hard cover, fiction, dancing, tv shows, board games, Batma, beaches, flats, poems, drama, holiday homes, planes, dyed hair, clean shaven, art fest, picture, brand new, mansion, city, skates, roses, gold, fantasy, Jazz, ferris wheel, drums.
    Lorelle X

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  8. Pradita Kapahi says:

    That’s a fun way of knowing your readers and credit to you that you’re making the attempt. Here are my answers – Waffles, Coffee, Summer, Cinemas, Hard Cover, Fiction, Singing, Movies, Board Games, SUPERMAN ALL THE WAY!, beaches, flats, sneakers, Poetry, drama, camping, ships, natural hair, clean shaven, music festivals, painting, antique and vintage (the older the better), cabin in the woods, country-side, skates (I’m old school), lilies, silver, fantasy, rock, roller coaster (the wheel gives me awful butterflies), GUITAR!!!

    Now why don’you tell us what you like in this list? It’ll be great to know you too 😀

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