Things I Wanna Do This Winter

Hey guys with winter not really going away this year, which I absolute love by the way I thought I would do a list of the things I  wanna do winter.

  • Go Ice Skating!!!!                                                                                                                           I went last week and I absolutely loved but it was a bit scary though because it was an outdoor arena  and it started heavily pouring an hour before our session time so not only was it scary because we were skating on Ice but most of all wet Ice with puddles of water. I was super fun though so we are going to try again  next week, but this time in an indoor arena which should be a bit safer and fun!


  • Make S’mores                                                                                                                                 We did this couple of months ago and made one in our street with all family and friends and we did s’more sandwiches. They were so good just thinking about them makes me wanna do it now so bad.


  • Have a Bonfire                                                                                                                                                                I love being able to just sit outside with friends and  family  around a fire sipping hot chocolates or coffee for the majority of them chatting and of course the purpose of doing a bonfire,  making s’mores. 🙂


  • Have a Pyjama Day                                                                                                                         This is something I never do because for me on my days off  I  like to before I do anything have a shower, wash my hair and sometimes if I think I may be going out put on some makeup but usually I  try to let my skin breathe because it’s the only two days of the week that I don’t care or make an effort. I Would love to do this sometime though.


  • Sleepover and movie night with my Best friends                                                                   I would really love to do a sleepover with my friends because it has literally been a year since we last had one because we are  all working  full time and  they also go to Tafe so it’s  kinda hard finding days that we are all free.


  • Bake Cookies with my Best Friends                                                                                     I love baking with my friends because we all literally go crazy and muck around it’s so much fun. One of my friends as soon as something goes wrong she looses it and just goes crazy giggling and dancing around she is so much fun. 


  • Go to Bounce ( Room full Trampolines basically)                                                              We went here  a month ago for my friends little sisters birthday but I would definitely like to go again because it was so  much fun. I mean being a massive room of just trampolines what else could be more fun!


Well, I think these the things I will be able to do this winter.  I know for most peoples bucket list though there was make a snowman, go sledging and things like that but when you live in Perth you don’t get to experience or see any of those things so I guess you could say my bucket list is a bit boring but that’s Perth for ya.

What would you have on your winter bucket list and what would the perfect winter look like for you?





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