Hey Lovelies,

It’s me again for our monthly music spotlight discussion.

Today my music spotlight goes to Lauren Daigle

Who is she?

Lauren Daigle is a 25 year old American contemporary Christian music singer_songwriter from Lafayette Louisiana. She is signed up with Centricity City Music label company and has  won many awards on the releasing of her first full length album, “How Can It be”  in April 2015. Lauren was awarded  New Artist Of The Year in 2015 and Song Of The Year with her single “How Can IT Be.” She has also be awarded for Artist of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, and Best Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year, with her single “Trust In You.”

In her younger years Lauren sung in choirs while studying Child and Family studies and later on auditioned for American Idol in 2010 and 2012 after being encouraged by her grandfather to try it out. She made it up to the last 24 contestants  in 2010 before she was cut from the show.

My Favourite Songs of her’s

Trust in you

How Can It Be

I Am Yours

My Revival

O’ Lord

Now is Forever

Power to Redeem

Once and For All

O’ Holy Night

I chose Lauren Daigle  for today’s spotlight I find her work to be such an inspiration and i find your music always has depth and meaning within the lyrics she writes. She always writes songs that speak of who God is to her and who he has shown himself to her to be. When I listen to her songs I never think that she is just singing for the sake of it but you see and hear a  passion and desire for God in an amazing way that  I hope and pray  for my songwriting to come from this place of sitting at His feet daily waiting for his words. 

Thank you guys so much for stopping along and checking out my post but I would  also love to  know who  you would give a music spotlight to and why?





12 thoughts on “MUSIC SPOTLIGHT

  1. Robbie says:

    I wasn’t sure who Lauren Daigle was,so I asked my daughter and she told me she sings one of her songs “I will trust in you” which I absolutely love. Also one of the other ladies in our church sings a couple of hers.

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