Dear Future Me

Dear future Me,

I writing you this letter today as a remembrance and encouragement for you so that no matter what is  put in your path you will never forget  your dreams  or who you were  called and  chosen to be.

There are so many things that I wanna say to you but the most important thing I do wanna say is this,  I hope that your love for God and the joy that he has promised  has become your procession and your treasure. I also hope that your security and trust is firmly rooted in him so that no matter what may come your way you will know who you are in him.

Growth Stuff

I pray that you’ve grown and matured into a woman who truely knows who she is in the house of her father,  completely secured and at peace in her walk and faith.  

I hope that your relationship with your friends and family has grown and transformed into something true which is  firmly based and rooted in Christ.

I hope that by now you have completely learned to take life not too seriously but instead just enjoy and make the most of every minute being  happy and joyful in Christ.

Relationship Stuff:

I do hope that you have found someone whom you can call your best friend and your husband. Someone you can trust and be completely honest with and love just like christ has loved  you. Please don’t and I mean don’t fall for someone  just for their looks or nice personality.  They must be a man completely and utterly devoted to God always putting God before you and  your relationship. 

Music Stuff:

Now last but definitely not least, MUSIC !!!

I really truely hope that you are still pursuing your dreams and interests in this area and haven’t let you own doubts or the struggles of  life dwindle your fire and passion for music.

I hope by now that you guys have definitely setup a Youtube channel and are getting your message out there and that you have a big audience to support and encourage you along the journey.

I hope and pray that by now you and you best friend  have produced an album (or albums)  with all your songs,  and that praise and worship just keeps  constantly flowing  from your lips making songwriting easier and easier everyday.  I also hope and pray that you guys have signs up with a recording label company and are travelling and touring around singing!!!

I hope that by now you can play the guitar really  well and are also playing or learning how to play other instruments. Trust me on this, being able to play instruments well comes in handy in many ways if your dreams and aspirations are to become a recording artist.

( To find out more about my story and my music hopes pls check out the blog post called My Story).

So future me, these are the main things I really wanted to remind you of and I truely hope that you are happy and content with where  God has placed you right now and that with every passing day you are growing and maturing deeper in your knowledge of Him.

If you could go one day into the future having the chance to say one thing to your future self what would it be?




11 thoughts on “Dear Future Me

  1. betweenthelines2017blog says:

    What a beautiful and inspiring article…it touched my heart! Only imagining this encounter…present and future, present dreams and future accomplishments, hopes and realizations…you can feel the future closer and brighter. You write with talent, honesty and passion and that’s a very real Gift, never give up on it!
    Wish you a wonderful day and all the blessings!
    And thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely messages!

    Liked by 2 people

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