My Beauty Tips

Hey guys,

Today I wanna talk a bit about the hacks and tips I learnt along the way that I kinda wish  I had known when I  first started wearing makeup.  I think the most thing I have learnt is that makeup is a good tool but also a problem if our values are set only on adorning ourself externally while the inside is wasting away. Over the last 3 years I have learnt that the more  simple, the more natural and prettier the makeup looks.

These are my favourite scriptures in regards to what the God  has to say about women adorning themselves:

“Likewise I want women to be modest in their appearance. They should wear decent and appropriate clothing and not draw attention to themselves by the way they fix their hair or by wearing gold or pearls or expensive clothes.” ( 1 Timothy 2:9)

“Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewellery or fine clothes.” (1 Peter 3:3)

Here we Go:

I love whoever came up  with the idea to make  primers. If you’re anything like me who has super oily skin, then you would know that wearing makeup without primer is not an option  if u want your makeup to last  2 hours without smearing or smudging.


Always blend your foundation well.  Don’t forget to blend it onto your neck otherwise you won’t  that you have that even complexion from the face to your neck ( looks natural).  I find this is something that is very noticeable on people with light skin and it probably has to be one of my pet peeves.

Always try to find the right match of foundation for your skin tone. Too dark and it looks like you are trying to hide your facial features, too light and you look pale and washed out.


You always want your concealer to be one shade lighter than your foundation.  I use concealer to highlight under my eyes and brighten up  around my mouth because they are the darker patches on my face and I also use it to define and highlight my eyebrows.( I usually just apply under my eyebrows). I also love to put it on before my foundation after my primer and it also helps to keep the foundation on my face all day.


It’s not about plastering them on, which is what most people do these days making it look like a Unibrow. I thinks personally the more natural it looks the prettier so I usually like it to be subtle but bold at the same time.


My favourite hack is to wet my eyeshadow brush before applying my eyeshadow because I find this makes it look very pigmented and bold on your eyes and it also lasts longer ( bonus bonus).

Always go for colours  that stand out on your skin tone. I know for me personally red eyeshade is not my friend but the golds, greens and blues stand out amazingly one my skin. Another tip is to make sure your lipstick and eyeshade don’t clash, find colours that go together nicely. ( you are not trying to look like a clown 🙂


Try to find the ones that look not so clumpy be because they just end up making your eyelashes looking clumpy and easier to fall off. I always try and look for the ones with thinner brushes because I find they tend to come out less thicker or clumpier over time.


Ok now for my most favourite makeup product ever!!!! I love lipsticks I think for me I don’t feel like my makeup look is complete until I have applied my lipstick and I found a great trick for if you want your lipstick have a matte look is to apply some setting powder onto your lips that always does the trick for me.


I don’t tend to wear blush anymore since I ran out of my favourite brand  and couldn’t find it find it anywhere but I do love the look of it very much. I find for people with paler skin it  tends to add colour and warmth to their skin, whilst  people with darker skin like myself if the light shade is found adds a bit of contrast and also warmth to the face.

Well, thats all form me today guys. I know that there are so many other makeup products that I didn’t mention but I mainly  just wanted to talk about the basic products every girl and woman would have in her makeup stash and also because these are the products that I  use everyday.

What are your makeup hacks and tips and what would you tell other girls out there who are new to wearing makeup?

What advice do you wish you had known when you  first started out that you would like to share with us?

Thanks heaps again guys for reading  my post and I know this one is little different to my normal ones but just wanted to be a bit more versatile with my blogging.




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