Words Of Encouragement (Guest Post)

Hey guys I just did my first guest post on my best friend’s blog https://myblessingbygrace.com and would love it if guys would check it out!

My Blessing by Grace

Today I’m so excited to be hosting my first guest post!  I asked my real life best friend, Joyce to share with you guys scriptures of encouragement.  Be sure to check out her blog ‘My Liron’ and without further ado I hope you guys enjoy…

Hey guys, It’s Joyce here from My Liron!  Today my best friend Grace asked me to do a guest post on her blog!  I am super excited about it and hope you guys like and find encouragement from the words that I have to share.

I know for me personally God is taking my family through a time of refining and I think sometimes the biggest mistake we can make is to think that God is not still sovereign and in control of everything.  And literally I mean everything so take a moment to think about it and you will find peace and comfort in…

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