Music Spotlight 

Hey guys I am sorry that my post this week is a bit late but things just got busy and hectic.

Last week  I  saw this music challenge a couple of days ago where you  pick an artist and talk about them. I will be doing this as a monthly thing , picking my favourite artists and telling  you guys a bit about them and why they inspire me.

Today’s music spotlight goes to Danny Gokey

Who is he?

He is an  37 year old American singer and former church music director from Milwaukee, Wisconsin . He auditioned for American Idol in 2008 and was in third-place in the finalist on the eighth season.

What music genre does he sing?

He sings Pop, Christian Contemporary, Blue eyed soul and Country pop

My favourite songs of his:

Hope In front of me

More than you think I am

Tell your heat to beat again

Give Me Jesus


The Comeback

 I find Danny Gokey inspiring because this album was produced just after his wife died. For me I just loved the fact that  even his time of mourning and sorrow the hope and faith he has in God was seen and portrayed in an  even more stronger way through his music.

Have you guys ever listened to these songs and what are  your  favourite ones  if you have? Who would You recommend for my next music spotlight?






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