Who Am I

I am a child of the King.

A child called and chosen to be apart the greater family of God.

A child born of God and not man.

A child who has seen heartache and troubles but also seen love and great joy.

A child predestined for great works.

A child who is wonderfully and fearfully made.

A child with the greatest and most precious treasure of all.(relationship with the Father)

A child with a one purpose alone, to glory the Father.

A child with great hope and Security in who they are with whom they are in Christ!!!

This post came out of the new song idea that I got yesterday and am working on. These words for me are  very personal and real because I constantly fail to focus on who I am in Christ and instead focus on who I as a sinful person with all my flaws and imperfections. This song will really be a reminder for me at all times of who I am in Christ .

The theme of this song will be about who I am in Christ but also how the revelation of this word brings one to a place of being on my knees daily in awe and adoration of who God is and what he has done in their lives through Christ!💜

Never forget who you are Christ because that is the thing that the distractions of this world and the devil want to steal away from you leaving you joyless and miserable.

Well, thanks so much guys for today but that’s all from me regarding this question but I would love to ask you guys the same thing, “Who are you?”



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