My Favourite Music Quotes

Hey guys!

Hope y’all having a great and fantastic week!!!!😊

Today I would love to share with you guys some of m favourite quotes that motivate, inspire and encourage me to furnace my passion for music everyday


Love this because so many times we get down if we play something wrong but forget that doing it with a passion is more important. 


This one I just had to get because it is Calvin and Hobbs and I love the comics











Writing a song is taking your emotions and feeling and putting it on paper and into to words for others so if u can’t feel what you write then no-one else will


Love songs that like that. They become forever embed in your heart and they become yours.


This is so true, when we write we take people the journey of our struggles but if the end goal doesn’t bring them back to God then we have not fulfilled our job properly.


Love this quote because it shows how similar songwriting and painting are and explains that when writing a song you are painting a picture with your words.                                   




Loved this one because worship is the only form of gift we can ever give to God that brings him great joy and delight.


Music is God’s gift to us to express with that which cannot be expressed with word.


This is so true because of all the other educations music is the only one that becomes one with your souks and if you allow will take over completely


Thanks guys for reading my post and stopping by to checkout my work.

What are your favourite music quotes!


myliron 💜






3 thoughts on “My Favourite Music Quotes

  1. robertcday says:

    Love those quotes, Joyce. 🙂
    My favourite out of those is the one of Linus (or Peanuts fame) listening to something that takes up the entirety of his brain! I never realised that. Makes me want to just sit and listen to music all day now.
    Hope your day will be filled with joy.
    Kindness – Robert.
    Here’s Linus with his big sister Lucy:

    Liked by 1 person

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