20 Facts About Me

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Don’t you sometimes wonder I wish I knew more about that person and what they actually like and don’t like ,well I know I do so here are 20 facts about me that I think you guys might like to know.

1. What’s my favourite colour scheme for a bedroom?

I love the purple and gold look. If I was rich and loaded this is what my bedroom would look like:


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2. Best  birthday gift ever

My best and most memorable birthday gift was for my sixteenth.

My friends and family booked a two night a stay at the Crown hotel with my aunty. I  got a facial (It was so amazing, I fell asleep while the lady was talking to me :0)They also booked dinner reservations for my friends and I to have dinner at the SILK which is a Chinese restaurant.

It was the best birthday gift ever and one i will never forget, thanks guys for doing that.

3. My favourite childhood book

Cyber quest – It’s the best book ever. I hated reading until I read his book, it started my love for book.

4. My favourite movie

1000 Bc _ It the best movie ever it make me laugh and cry and it was action packed,  which is everything I like in movies.

My favourite band group

Definitely King and Country

5. Three things that make me happy

My relationship with God

Music (singing, dancing and songwriting)

My family and friends 

6. Three fears

Fear to fail

Opening up to others and being misunderstood

Sharks, or just anything  lurking in the ocean

7. Something I am talented at

Singing and being sassy :0 (I know all my friends can agree about me being sassy).

8. Nicknames my friends and fam call me



Fatty woobler

Sass squash or queen

9. something I would change about myself

Definitely be happier and more joyful (my name means joy but most days I feel the very opposite).

Better relationship with my parents ( being open to share my heart with them all the time)

10. Dream Job?

Producing my own music albums (touring does also sound great).

11. Funniest memory?

Doing skits when we used to go camping as a Church. Some where so hilarious I would actually be in tears from laughing so much.

12. Most upsetting experience

Two years ago on way to going to the US with a friend I got interrogated at LA airport.

I was really upset but also angry at the same time because I wasn’t told why and I had to sit for about an hour waiting to be questioned.  I wasn’t even allowed to talk to the other guys sitting with me or use my phone tell my friend what had happened.

13. Introvert or Extrovert

I am a massive introvert I find  being around people for large  amounts of time draining and tiring. I can spend a whole day chatting with my best friend though and still feel completely chilled and happy.

14. Favourite foods?

 Tomato based  ravioli 

Sweet and sour chicken

Bol Renverser (upside down bowl)

spicy curries

15. My fondest memory

Going to camping as a Church every year 

Having youth groups on Friday nights 

16. I want to travel to

I would love to travel to Canada because we were originally meant to go there instead of Australia. Would never trade being here for anywhere else because of the friends and family God has given me here but I just have this curiosity to see where we could have been. I also love the cold so I think I would enjoy it there very much (maybe one day).

I would also love to travel back to Africa because we came here when I was eight so don’t remember anything at all.

17. Something I really really want

I would really love to get studio monitors so that I can do some recording for Instagram or Youtube because at the moment I only have the headphones with it.

18. Worst movie ever seen

Mum and Dad save the planet

19. music style

Country ( Carrie underwood’s songs )

Rap ( Lecrae )

Contemporary ( Lauren Daigle and Kari Jobe )

20. First real encounter with God

I remember being at church worshipping and praying one Sunday and in the midst of it all I felt like I was taken out of my own body and just sitting in the presence of God. I had  completely forgotten where I was that when Church finshed one of my siblings had to nudge me to bring me back.

It was the best experience ever!!!


I’d  love to get to know you guys better too. Tell me a random fact about yourself. 




12 thoughts on “20 Facts About Me

  1. Maggie says:

    I loved reading about you – especially question #20! Getting to see God work in the lives of His children is a blessing to me. A random fact about myself is that I’ve been writing stories since I was eight years old. For many years growing up, I wanted to be a writer! I’m not so sure about that now, but I’ll always love writing.

    Liked by 2 people

    • liron says:

      Thanks heaps
      That was an experience that I will never forget because it was so peaceful and comforting just sitting in his presence without my own thoughts or the cares of this work distracting me.
      That’s awesome I have a few close friends who love writing as well and I enjoy reading their so just keep writing and see God wants to do!!!


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