Thoughts On The Music Industry

All of us who are passionate about music at sometime in our lives want to be apart of the music industry.  We think we are u guys Yu would bey much happier if we had the lives of the celebrities or were just famous for something. For me, the music industry is a place where before entered, one must be sure that God is calling them there and be in prayer before him daily on your knees.

I have found that so many of the Christian artists today come into the music industry  not truely knowing who God is for them personally and so in turn can’t really portray that to their audience in their music.  Consequently, they end up being conformed to the pattern of this world and its desires and are controlled by men rather than their heavenly Father.

Their songs have no meaning whatsoever in relation to the revelation of who God is to them but rather how to be happy or feel good.  In the past artists would write using the Psalms and scriptures and in turn produce songs that actually were of right doctrine and brought joy and life to those listening to it.

Being in the music industry can be a great opportunity for those who are really on fire for God to share the Gospel of the good news to their listeners.

I find these days people are being made out as gods, so they  in turn see themselves as gods and in no need of a Father.

I see  being in the Christian music industry as a gift that God gives to some to use to glorify him. I would like be in the music industry someday so my prayer is that I  will continually turn my eyes to him daily causing the things of this world to grow strangely dim with every passing day until all I see Him face to face.

That’s it from me today but I would love to know what your thoughts on the music industry are and its importance to you.



2 thoughts on “Thoughts On The Music Industry

  1. Faith says:

    Hi Joyce, I think the music industry can be used for Christ. If you’re in it you’ll have a really good opportunity to point people to God. Just keep praying. : )
    God bless. xx

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