The Fine Art Of Painting A Song

Hey Everyone

Hope you all had a great Easter!

This week I thought I would share with you guys the struggles I have had along the way and also the tips and information that I am getting everyday from studying songwriting and music.

These are the things I have learnt in the past years:

A great tip that I have learnt about songwriting is to never be afraid to brainstorm and just write what’s in your head without worrying about the structure, format, grammar, details or the prettiness of your song.

When songwriting, always ask yourself these five questions which we have all learned in school but forget to apply to songwriting – who, what, when, why and how. These questions will always help to answer all the questions your listeners will have leaving them happy and satisfied.

Another great tip if you are a massive sensate who gets stuck on the details as I know I do, is to talk to a friend or family member who is an intuitive to help you get your ideas on paper and then you can later fill in the details as you like.

Now for the imagery side of songwriting (This one I found amazing!)

Songwriting has always been a struggle, I have always struggled with figuring out how to set out the picture of what I am trying to say and paint the picture as an artist would.  I have always found it difficult to put exactly into words what I am trying to say while still keeping it short and catchy.

Lately I learnt that songwriting is like painting a picture on a blank canvas.  You want to start by setting the scene, telling the listener what genre they are listening to, which can sometimes be found in the title or the first verse of your song.

Next you want to start putting in some minor details explaining to them more of the  imagery thats in your head just as an artist would. For songwriting this would be found in the verses.

Artists always start with a blank canvas but as they begin painting, you come from a blank canvas to an abstract picture that still doesn’t tell you everything about the image.

This is where the chorus comes in.

This is the part where you tell your listeners what your song is really about and the purpose, reason or cause of the picture you are trying to get them to see. This is the part that you make bold and repetitive as a way to always remind your listeners of what the song is about.

Choruses are the parts that always stick in people’s heads and so should usually be in  relation to your title as a good way for people to find your songs.

Also another tip I would also suggest when songwriting is to always write from your experiences and your heart.  Always making it a conscious effort to not tell your listeners how they should feel but how you feel and how you go through it.

A great example of this is Kari Jobe’s new song, ‘I will sing’.  For me it speaks of her struggles and fears but also how God used that to write this song and make it very real to her and her listeners.

Here is the link so please check it out:

Kari Jobe I  will sing

So voila! This is how amazingly similar songwriting and painting are, if you are a really good painter don’t ever tell yourself you can’t write a song or vice versa, all you need to do is take your knowledge and apply them in these different areas.

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to leave a comment and subscribe.

❤️ Joyce

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