Thoughts On The Music Industry

All of us who are passionate about music at sometime in our lives want to be apart of the music industry.  We think we are u guys Yu would bey much happier if we had the lives of the celebrities or were just famous for something. For me, the music industry is a place where … Continue reading Thoughts On The Music Industry

My Story

Hey Everyone The inspiration for this blog came yesterday when I was talking to a friend about songwriting and really discussing what music means for me. It really helped me to think about why I really want to be a songwriter and singer. After our discussion I strongly felt to talk a bit more about … Continue reading My Story

My Top 5 Favourite Artists

Hey music lovers! Welcome back. This week I thought I would talk a bit more about where my inspiration and passion for music comes from. These are the top 5 artists whose work inspire me the most and  furnace that passion for music everyday. 1. Kari Jobe I love her music because for me it … Continue reading My Top 5 Favourite Artists

The Fine Art Of Painting A Song

Hey Everyone Hope you all had a great Easter! This week I thought I would share with you guys the struggles I have had along the way and also the tips and information that I am getting everyday from studying songwriting and music. These are the things I have learnt in the past years: A … Continue reading The Fine Art Of Painting A Song

My  Favourite Psalms 

Hey guys Hope I haven't kept you waiting for too long. So I was thinking about what I should talk about in my next blog post and decided to do one on what scriptures have to say about our worship and what  God designed our voice to be used for. These are 10 of my … Continue reading My  Favourite Psalms 

First Blog Post

Hey guys and welcome to my blog !!! This is my first blog ever so I will just tell you a bit about myself. I am very passionate about singing and anything to do with music. My passion is to become a singer and a songwriter and for as long as I can remember I … Continue reading First Blog Post